Some of the content of this skin was original, some was not. Like most skin developers I borrowed techniques from others, as I'm sure others will borrow from me :-)

Java legendJava legend

The person I'd like to thank the most is David Ekholm - the author of jAlbum. David's tireless dedication to a project that brings him no financial gain is an inspiration to many people. Hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded jAlbum in recent years, and David continues to provide support to hard core skin developers and new users alike. He continually adds features and bug fixes to the software, and probably spends much more time than he should to help the community that he created continue to thrive.

So thanks again David, and I'm sure I speak for all jAlbum users and skin developers when I say - Thank you!

Other people to whom I'd like to give credit are Roshan Gupta for inspiring me to develop the CSS frame effect with the glowing effect underneath (it wasn't as easy as it looks!). I later removed the glow, but it was an excellent effect nonetheless.

I'd also like to thank Anders Engblom, as I stole his slide show routine from the XP skin, and Laura Seabrook for her excellent tutorial series on Java which I referred to very often while developing this skin. Also thanks should go to Lykle Voort for the excellent work on the 35mm equivalency script - excellent work!

My brother Robert Fyvie should also get a mention for making his own skin and motivating me to finally get my own skin cleaned up and released, as well as contributing some gold and silver buttons.

Dan Stefanescu for his contribution with the keyboard shortcuts and for helping me to implement it into the code.

Metodi Davidovic for his helpful suggestions, code contributions and attention to detail during the development of version 1.3

Olivier Biot also made considerable contributions with his work on the cameras.properties file and new routines to handle the display of meta data on slide images, as did Dhinakaran Annamalai with the adaptation and modification of a simple flash-based guestbook.

The translators who provided translations and updates for the language files. They are credited within the language files themselves.

A word of thanks should also go out to the unknown author of the original Exhibit skin. If you are out there - please let us know who you are!

And of course thanks to the many other skin developers who help make jAlbum a better product - keep up the good work and let's continue to make innovative skins.