ExhibitPlus - a skin for jAlbum

This is the official home page for the ExhibitPlus skin - an add-on module to help give your online photo albums the look they deserve! This skin is used in conjunction with the amazing program jAlbum by David Ekholm.

ExhibitPlus is a very powerful skin, with many different options to alter the look and feel of your album. For impatient users, it is possible to get up and running immediately, but it would be advisable to start by reading the "Quick start" guide at the very least. This will help you to benefit from some of the most basic features.

Latest version: 1.11 (19 Apr 2020)

The latest developments concerning ExhibitPlus are as follows:

New Version

Jun 17, 2020

Version 1.9.3 fixes a bug that was introduced in 1.7.3. This just affects jAlbum 10.1 and earlier


May 1, 2020

Support for ExhibitPlus has ended. However it still works well with jAlbum 20; you will probably be able to continue using it for a few years.

To download ExhibitPlus, follow the link on the left of this page. It no longer appears in the list of current skins on the jAlbum site.

During the 4+ years that I supported ExhibitPlus, I achieved these objectives:

New Version

Apr 19, 2020

Version 1.11 adds 6 minor enhancements. Requires jAlbum 11.6.17 or later.

New Version

Jan 20, 2020

Version 1.10 gets titles and comments from standard jAlbum variables instead of from proprietary ExhibitPlus text files, and fixes 5 bugs. Requires jAlbum 10.10.8 or later.

New Version

Jul 5, 2019

Version 1.9.2 fixes more incompatibilities with jAlbum 17.1.

New Version

May 1, 2019

Version 1.9 fixes incompatibility with jAlbum 17.1.

New Version

Dec 2, 2017

Version 1.8.1 fixes 1 minor bug.

New Version

Nov 30, 2017

Version 1.8 fixes 3 bugs.

New Version

Apr 14, 2017

Versions 1.7.1, 1.7.2, 1.7.3 and 1.7.4 fix 6 bugs.

New Version

May 5, 2016

Version 1.7 has been released. This fixes 12 more bugs. There are no outstanding problems.

New Version

March 9, 2016

Version 1.6 has been released. This fixes all known bugs, including all reproducible bugs that were reported in the forum since April 2007.

Documentation Update

March 9, 2016

The ExhibitPlus documentation is available on fyvie.net, but this has not been updated since 2008.
I have copied this to exhibitplus.jalbum.net/docs and I have updated it. To see the current documentation, you should use this link. I have also updated the documentation links in the skin settings and the E+ download page.

New Version

December 3, 2015

Version 1.5.3 has been released. Earlier versions were not compatible with jAlbum 12.3. This version works with jAlbum versions 9.6.1 to 13.


December 1, 2015

Chris Twist has taken over the maintenance of ExhibitPlus. Watch out for updates during the next few months.

New Version

January 5, 2012

Version 1.5.2 has been released. This is compatible with jAlbum 10.2.

New Version

November 4, 2011

Version 1.5.1 has been released. This fixes issues with recent jAlbum versions (scripting errors and version warnings).


March 17, 2008

Due to the untimely death of ExhibitPlus author Mark Fyvie, development of this skin has stopped.

New Version

April 01, 2007 @ 00:01

Version 1.5 has now been released. Due to dependency issues, it will only be available with JAlbum 7.2 (due to be released soon) or later versions.

This new version contains some minor cosmetic changes and bug fixes. Some new styles and filter options have also been added. Updates to the documentation on this website will follow later.

156,000+ index pages using ExhibitPlus

October 14, 2005 @ 00:44

According to Google there are now 156,000 pages listing the term ExhibitPlus. This is a rough method to count the number of index pages generated with ExhibitPlus that are published on the internet. If each index page had 20 slides, that would mean that there are over 3 million photos published around the world using ExhibitPlus, and this number seems to be growing every day.

I'm extremely flattered at the popularity of ExhibitPlus, and I'm told by David Ekholm, the author of JAlbum, that his own research shows that the majority of JAlbum users choose either ExhibitPlus or BluPlusPlus for their albums.

Documentation Update

October 14, 2005 @ 00:10

Almost six months have passed since the release of 1.4, and there have been surprisingly few bugs found. In fact, I think it was a total of four, and they only affect people in very rare cases. I've posted patch files under known issues issues if you'd like to patch your version of 1.4. Since these bugs were very minor these patches have not been applied to the production version of ExhibitPlus.

I promised to update the documentation for 1.4, but took a further six months to do it. I apologise for this - it turns out that most of the documentation was already updated - I only had to change a few small things. If you spot something that I missed, please let me know. In the process I also optimised and standardised a lot of the CSS used both in this page and on other parts of fyvie.net. This documentation and fyvie.net finally share a common style sheet, as well as a common update script (I write all this in a text editor and then have some home-made perl scripts slice and dice the HTML together).

There are still graphics and screenshots used in the documentation that refer to older versions of both ExhibitPlus and JAlbum. At this stage the differences are not that great, but starting from JAlbum 6.0 and the next version of ExhibitPlus (which will be released with JAlbum 6.1 or 6.2) there will be further changes, so screenshots will be updated at that time.

At some point I plan to turn all of this documentation into a wiki so that everyone can edit it and expand it. Sigh.... another project...

New Version

April 01, 2005 @ 00:01

It has been almost a year, but version 1.4 is now finally released! Thanks to those of you who helped to test and contribute. Particular thanks to Olivier Biot for his help on the EXIF and cameras.properties routines, and Dhinakaran Annamalai for his adaptation and modification of a flash-based guestbook for E+. Of course thanks as usual go to David for his awesome support during the development and testing phases. Please bear with me, it will take a little while to get the documentation up-to-date for the new version.

Get Firefox

Dec 03, 2004 @ 13:14

I decided to get behind the campaign to help spread Firefox and added a little button to the navigation bar on the left. ExhibitPlus heartily endorses the use of the Firefox browser, and is always tested on this platform first. Statistics show that only 60% of visitors to this site use Internet Explorer, against the statistics from w3schools which show about 74% worldwide (Dec 2003). Does this mean visitors to this site are a little smarter than average? fyvie.net is now getting around 500 visitors per day, I'm glad to see that ExhibitPlus has become so popular!

New Version

May 01, 2004 @ 00:01

Version 1.3 has finally been released. The development and testing has been fairly sporadic, but time consuming. Major changes are cross-browser compatibility and multi-lingual support. Many minor changes, see history for details.

New Version

December 17, 2003 @ 17:55

Version 1.2 has now been released and will is bundled with JAlbum 4.1. You can download it, or use the version bundled with JAlbum 4.1 (full release, not preview). There have been many changes too numerous to mention, see history for details. I'll hopefully finish off the remaining sections of this site early next week. Feedback / spelling corrections more than welcome.

New Version (soon)

December 15, 2003 @ 23:24

This website is almost complete. I only have to do the "take a tour" section next, apart from that all other sections are pretty much finished. Only one technical issue has to be resolved, and the skin will be ready for release. Sorry for the delay - I want to make sure everything is 100% before release. Release expected within 24 hours.

Info Updated

November 21, 2003 @ 18:43

Some additional sections of this site were completed, namely the user guide. Work on some additional features of the skin was also completed. These new features will appear in the upcoming version 1.2 (see section on "future" for details of these features). Note that I am not planning to release 1.2 until there are many more new features, but if you really want or need 1.2, you can email me for a pre-release development version.

Minor Update

November 03, 2003 @ 20:15

A minor update was issued, see history for more details.

Release status

October 31, 2003 @ 01:33

ExhibitPlus has finally gained release status, and is included with the latest version 4.0 of JAlbum which was released about 15 minutes ago :-). Please note: ExhibitPlus will not run on earlier versions of JAlbum.

I was hoping to include multiple style sheets, including a white version, but as it stands you'll have to make do the dark version for the time being. People willing to develop alternate style sheets are most welcome to send them in!

Please note that the documentation is not completely finished, and I do plan on improving this site. The most important parts like the quick-start guide and the reference section are done, so you can get the info you need.

I will be travelling for the next month, so may have limited time to work on this, but will give it my best nonetheless :-)