ExhibitPlus - quick start guide

ExhibitPlus quick start demonstrationGenerate your album right away!

Getting up and running with ExhibitPlus couldn't be easier. We will assume that you have already installed and loaded jAlbum and have probably already made some albums with some other skins. Therefore you are already familiar with the basic functions of jAlbum.

The basics of producing your first album with ExhibitPlus are as follows:

Now press the "View Album" button. The first thing you have noticed is that the folders of your album are coming up with a description explaining that you need to define a description for each folder. You can easily supress this message by selecting the tab "ExhibitPlus" at the top of the jAlbum user interface. Now look for the checkbox "Allow empty folder descriptions" and select it, but a much better approach would be to add a comment for each folder in the jAlbum Edit window.

Like what you see? Maybe it is time to see what else the skin can do? Why not go further to the user guide, or perhaps take the tour?