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This is the main, or "root" folder. In this example, we have only sub folders and no images in this folder

General  |  Total images: 21  |  Date added: 28.04.2004
This folder demonstrates "mixed mode" both sub folders AND images are present.
Underwater  |  Total images: 39  |  Date added: 28.04.2004
A collection of diving related pictures. This folder demonstrates what happens when there are too many images for one page - additional pages will be generated.

Sample Headline:
December 14, 2003 @ 14:33

This is what a sample "news" entry can look like. You can place these into sub folder if you wish, and edit them to suit your tastes.

Each of these sub folders will show you what a typical album might look like with ExhibitPlus when you alter certain user variables. For guidance on how these variables actually work, please refer to the documentation.

This album is a sample collection of images. If you would like to see my much larger personal album (based on dark.css) you can find it here.

This folder uses default settings except for the following:

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