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The following tours are designed to present you with information about ExhibitPlus in a useful and interesting way. Each slide in the tour is accompanied by graphics which demonstrate each issue raised in the slide's text.

Once you have completed the following tours you should then refer to the user guide, reference guide, and advanced sections of this website. These sections cover the topics in far more depth - the tours are just supposed to give you a quick overview of the various issues and are by no means exhaustive.

Please note that the features displayed, as well as the screenshots used, refer to older versions of both ExhibitPlus and jAlbum. Therefore there may be slight differences in the appearance of certain elements, as well as some features which may have changed in the meantime. Please refer to the current documentation for the current features.

Tour 1 - Get aquainted with the basic features of ExhibitPlus and create your first album in just two minutes!

Tour 2 - Learn about the exciting possibilities available to you for customisation of your album using ExhibitPlus